Anyone raising Prices for Draw inspections?? With Gas Prices on the Rise....

I was curious if anyone has raised their prices for Draw Inspections… I know the average is about $50 per inspection with DDN, Granite, companies etc.

With Gas prices at all-time highs… our fees will have to rise as well!

Has anyone heard of Draw Inspection prices rising???

Hey Justin,
You should price yourself to make a profit,… not what the “trend” may be. depends on how far and in between the jobs are for you. Maybe update your area of service smaller and up the prices out from there… I’m sure the draw company’s are using the “inflation” issue to raise their prices onto their clients,… the question is, are they passing the increase on to the inspector actually burning more resources to get to these jobs…

That is exactly what I did a few months ago. I decreased my service area(s) radius, which in effect raised my prices. Result… have received only two jobs in areas out in the boonies. I know of no other inspectors that service those areas. They paid my price. They had no choice. All the other lost business… don’t care. Would have taken a loss on them at their price.

Thanks Guys for the feedback. And Yes, I stay within a 10 mile radius…I would not travel further. The good thing about the Draw Inspections with DDN is that they can send out multiple ones, and they are within a few miles of each other… so there is money to be made in volume within your area.

That is the frustrating part, you know the Draw Companies are raising their prices with the Lenders… but how do we know, when all of us our raising our prices???

So is $50 still the average… or are others now collecting about $75 for a service area within 15 miles??? I do wonder about this… And although I would like to charge more, I don’t want to get greedy either, and actually lose business to another…

Hey Peter… by the way, your website ROCKS!!! Great content and info. I would like to copy some of your content, referral rewards, etc. and put some of it on mine. Would you mind??? I like my website, but you have far more info.


Yet another one with referral rewards. Cool! :smiley:

Many of us in New Hampshire have held firm to $150.00 per draw inspection plus mileage for the inspections “out in the boonies”.

When the “Draw Company’s” call 10-12 inspectors and they all quote $150.00 and up guess what?

That is what we get!

Thanks Justin,
Go for it, I don’t mind. We are all,… well,… interRelated at interNACHI as a family. We should help each other out when we can.
All I ask is you switch it up a bit, dont just copy and paste a page. Take an idea and make it your own etc.