Having a bad day

I was having trouble getting the camera to focus properly but not enough to create this kind of temp on a neutral wire. Be curious to know what the sparky is going to find on this one. Of all the panels I scan this was my first to come up with a high temp on a neutral wire. I just kinda stood there with this dead brain took a minute to register

# 70 Stoneridge PC 9-4-11 029.jpg

Since it appears that these are all two wire circuits my guess would be that it’s a loose neutral connection, otherwise you should find a similar temperature at the hot conductor connected to the CB.

Looks to me like the Neutral could be carrying the return from two hot wires on the same leg.
This can happen on some panels if the breaker is installed incorrectly.
If that is the case easy fix move the two pole breaker down one position … Roy

Suspected loose connection my self but I was being a good boy and did not place a screw driver into the panel as much as I wanted to;-):wink:


I’m assuming that you’re referencing a MWBC which shares a neutral. Wouldn’t there be a red conductor in the panel if there were a three wire cable with a shared neutral?

Yes thanks did not look close enough saw two pole Breakers and I now agree it looks like a loose Neutral . Thanks .

This forum is great gets us all looking and learning

AGREED! I do not touch but I look really close at the connections. If I don’t see good contact I call it out every time.:smiley: