Hot wiring in service panel (with video)

If the conductor Delta-T is 900 degrees above ambient, do you think it’s an issue?

I exaggerated, it was really only 870 above ambient. Captured video too.

Had to terminate the inspection because I couldn’t finish after turning off the power to the house. Corporate owned relo. Could have easily caused a fire if not found

Video here


I don’t know Chuck, don’t over step your bounds…you should probably pulls some breakers and confirm things…

Or from those that don’t like IR like you and I, “I could have found that without IR.”

Nice find and pics. Better than me, I only found two moisture issues today:( with my camera.

I like the crispy wires. What would cause a neutral to get so hot?

It was obvious to the eye as soon as you looked into the panel, but I couldn’t have quantified it without IR.

Dbl tapping the neutral wires.
Causes loose connections.
May produce 240 VAC at the connection…

Good example to keep handy for your reports.

But then everyone knows there isn’t any voltage on white wires!!!???

You can’t tell if it “is” hot by looking at it, now can we?!