Message Board Speed Issues

Hey folks,

After a little debugging I think I might have pinpointed the issue that some are having with the Message Board’s load time. It seems like the way some Web browsers handle the page structure of the message board causes them to wait until everything is loaded before they render the page.

We are actually already working on a modification to the page structure that will fortuitously fix this problem. Expect that within a week and a half or so.

Until then, there is one thing I can recommend. Download and install Mozilla Firefox and then install the FasterFox extension. This extension will modify firefox so that it renders the NACHI message board quicky. It will also speed up your browsing on all Web pages.

Sorry to those that this inconveniences. I’m working hard to get things running as fast as possible.


That worked for me Chris, Thanks

I am using Firefox, when I added FasterFox it sped up noticeably,
but now it’s getting slower again
xp pro

*( found this link to the Simplified Version at the bottom of the page very helpful.

** Simplified Version ***