He may be a little whacked but he's making sinse here...

Sense…I have none when it comes to spelling :slight_smile:

Ventura is a nut and a 9/11 troofer.

He’s even wrong about Limbaugh receiving government health care in Hawaii.

My friend …you calling someone a nut is like…Pot…Kettle…Black. But it’s cool I somehow knew you’d be the first to comment.

Are you a troofer George?

The problem with populists like this is that they form their ideas before they learn the facts and then never let anything change thier minds.

No wonder Jesse only served for a single term.

He may be a nutjob and may have sucked as a Governor, but let his comments stand on their own merit.

Is he right about the Dems trampling on the Constitution? YES
Is he right about the Repubs trampling on the Constitution? YES

Fact is both parties whittle away at Constitutional restraints on the Federal Government at every opportunity - they just do it from opposite sides. The reality is that they both suck, but they’re really still the only game in town.

Is he right about using Hawaii as an example for why we need Federal healthcare? NO (apparently he fails his own Constitutional argument).

I can’t speak to whether HI really has state run healthcare or not or whether it’s any good if they do, but it doesn’t matter. The Constitution specifically limits the power of the Federal Government (Healthcare is not one of the enumerated powers of the Fed). On the other hand there are no such restrictions on the individual states. If HI or any other state wants to establish state run and funded healthcare, there is no U.S. Constitutional constraint preventing them from doing so, as state’s rights are not limited by the U.S. Constitution except for those specific powers which are reserved for the Fed. If some states have state run HC and some don’t, people can choose what state they want to live in. The population will vote with their feet. The same reason we see such mass exodus of businesses, jobs and people from states with oppressive policies.

It’s amazing how many of our state and federal politicians do not understand the fundamental differences in how the Constitution addresses Federal vs. state powers, yet it’s conceptually so simple: If the U.S. Constitution doesn’t say that the Fed can do something, it’s not supposed to be allowed to; Unless the U.S. Constitution specifically limits powers of the states, they can do whatever they choose in accordance with their own Constitution and laws.

The national defense of our country comes first… economics are close 2nd.
Health care is not a constitutional right…however the quickest fix is simply treat it as a commodity and tear down state regulation barriers that prevent US citizens from seeking coverage from whomever they may choose…including getting medication from outside sources other than US approved companies.

Jesse is indeed right about both parties… they both suck…all parties should be abolished and one simply votes for the individuals based upon their convictions they put forth. What is so hard about simply advertising that; My name John Doe, I believe in guns, state rights,… I am against abortion, taxes, and 90% of government run programs…blah, blah, blah,…vote for me in November (its not that difficult).

Institute term limits and that no lawyer can run for office and we would do 1000% better than what we have now.

A troofer is no better than a broken clock.

Just because it’s right twice a day doesn’t mean you can tell time with it.

That’s completely true. Rush Limbaugh should just listen to himself sometime. Oh, you were talking about Jesse V, not Rush!??

I kinda think they do know the difference–they just ignore the provisions for their own benefit. The Federal Government doesn’t want to give any authority or rights to the states if they can benefit from it themselves.

Which is exactly how “The War of Northern Aggression” got started. :twisted: