Stop what you're doing right now..

and go watch obama’s speech on T.V. :shock:

I’ve heard several lies already.:frowning:

At least he had the sense not to bump ’ 24 ’ last night. Probably one of the only good decisions this administration has made.

No thanks, I don’t feel like puking:vomit:

But he bumped NCIS :mad:

It will be on after the press conference.

Yeah!!! I love when Gibbs head slaps DiNosso. Gunny’s are great!

Who’s gonna be first to say all of those answers came from a teleprompter?

He came across as very intelligent.
Point those ears and he is a Vulcan.

Yea but he didn’t answer the questions asked.:roll:

3.6 Trillion and were going to have a balanced budget!

His funding for abortions in foreign countries could have been one step of correction (Moral and Fiscal).

We are in this whole situation because of one thing…SIN.

If we in the USA do not clean up are acts, we will lose the super power status and pay the price. China and many other nations want to refuse anymore of our currency. Great “Change” as promised.

He answered them honestly.
As he said he has only been in for 60 days and lets face it things will not turn around over night after 8 years of mismanagement.
I love how he pointed out the way paper stock being moved around was counted as economic growth and that we need to get back to actually making things.
I have been saying this since Regan drove all the factories south.

Used a teleprompter. It wasn’t a news conference…it was a scripted speech. And did you see him calling on certain people for questions and then have to ask if they were in the room? Ever seen a President that had a written list of people he was going to call on rather than just looking at the reporters and picking them?

And the winner is Joe! :roll:

Yes I am sure those Fox guys asking tough questions were a plant to make him look good.:roll::shock:

Man, that would have really pi$$ed me off! I do think BHO does think he is playing the part of president in a TV series because he can’t possibly be serious???

By the way the questions were at best “nerf balls” for the most part. I bet Wall Street Journal and a couple others were itching to grill him but they never got the chance. Imagine that!

I believe all President use a teleprompter, It is how ever nice to see this one can actually read. and no one had to flip the book over for him. Next step lets see if he takes the covers off the binoculars when looking at the troops. I Think you will find a conference is split Live questions and pre asked questions. I guess if you want to find fault you always can find it in anything. And just post your opinion.

He didn’t use a telepromter, he had a large Flat screen T.V. at the back of the room. That was a staged news conference, big time. I love the way he would ask,“Where is Ron, isn’t he here?” “Cindy… where you at Cindy?” As far as the Fox reporters Bob, the way he handled them was to not answer their questions! Man you guys are gullible!

At a news conference??? Give me a break!!! Don’t you get it? He will raise the deficit by five trillion, then on election year, he will reduce it to two and a half trillion, so he can say, “I cut the deficit in half, just like I said I would!” Then the Acorn Bus will pick ya’ll up and you can vote for him again! BTW, that real sharp pain you will feel in your backside, yelling “How’s that for change…want some more!” :shock::roll::roll: