If You Are Against the Health Care Bill...

…here is a good reason to help get it passed.](http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20000188-503544.html?tag=stack)

I don’t think anyone is hell bent against providing the poor with health care. The problem is that there are many, like me, that see Obama growing the Federal government and hiring 55,000 new Federal employees during and economic recession and are appalled. And for me and those like me, we are against the government takeover of the health care industry simply because we’re against the government takeover of anything.

The Federal government should decrease by 10% a year until it is left with not much more than NASA and national defense. The government is diminishing the quality of life of millions around the world simply be denying school choice. Had they just got out of the public education business… we’d be colonizing Mars by now. They are holding us all down.

Couldn’t have said it better.

Who wants to fill out an application to get a doctor’s appointment?

Someone who couldn’t see a doctor any other way would be my guess.


I hear people saying this and yet the talk about how they cannot afford a private education. These are the same people that have a $100 a month cable bill, $100 a month cell phone bill, three cars they are paying over $300 a month for, High speed internet, Digital radio, own a 2000 sq. ft. plus house and go on big vacations once a year.

To me it’s not the government or the schools that are failing.

Regarding the government role in heath care, heath care in the U.S. has sucked and is getting worse. There have been plenty of times something could have been done about it but nothing. Now we have a President that want’s to do something and all we have is other people playing politics with our life and our families lives.

There needs to be change. Who else is going to step up and make it happen? Nobody else that I know of.

Not that truth matters to you but it’s simply wrong.:roll::roll:

If I were against the bill, which I am not, I would support it for two reasons.

The first would be to see this a-hole leave the country and move to Costa Rica.

The second would be to see the look on his goofy face when he first realizes that Costa Rica provides its citizens with a cradle to grave health care system.

Then, as he scrambled for the helicopter…I would kick him in the face and laugh as he fell to the ground and the chopper took flight…waiving “Farewell” to him with just one finger…

Well, Costa Rica, like the U.S. government, can’t provide health care or anything else to anyone. Governments can only take resources from some (by force of gun), siphon off a big chunk for bureaucrats, then inefficiently give what portion of those resources are left to others, usually as a disincentive to produce.

Remember, governments have no money, they can only charge us for taking money from some and giving it to others.

You and I are the Government Nick…

Governments exist with the permission of the governed.

I assure you that…aside from what might be reported on FOX News…it is not the will of the governed to bail out the nation’s financial institutions while ignoring the medical needs of the populace.

The government employs (and provides health insurance) for more than half of the population, today. Reforming the industry so that more of those who are not employed by the government can afford it is consistent with meeting the needs of the citizens.

Those who are not insured are still running up unpaid medical bills that are being passed on to the next paying customer, anyway. Why do you think a single tablet of Tylenol costs $98.00 when administered in a hospital? Litigation liability might account for $15 of those dollars…the rest is recovery.

Have you ever seen your hospital bill before the insurance company pays…and then look at how they pay 60-70% of the charges, claiming that the remaining fees exceed what is “fair and reasonable”? Knowing that they are going to get 70% from the insurance company has much to do with why that Tylenol tablet costs $98.00, as well.

Somebody has to pull the plug on this beast…and start over.

We have a President who is willing to sacrifice his second term, if need be, in that endeavor. I think we made a great choice in 2008.

And as you should know the “governed” are overwhelmingly opposed the plans that are being considered.

Those who obtain their news from more than one source disagree. Even if it were true, we live in a Republic…not a Democracy. This allows our leaders to act on behalf of the minority when their needs require attention. The government exists with their permission, too.

If the health care bill is so grand, why is it that every politician refuses to drop there current government coverage for the proposed health care plan. The answer is simple, they know the medical care is minimal and they don’t want to stand in line with the rest of us.

I like parts of the plan. I like that my 20-year old son can stay on my insurance until 26. I like that I’m not stuck in Colorado forever because of a previous condition (double back surgery) I suffered last year. Currently, I can’t leave my insurance company’s coverage area.

But the government can do this with simple regulation tomorrow. Why should the government, notorious for poor management, need to take over anything. I’d sooner let InterNACHI take it over than the Federal government.

Pass some regulation:

  • No denial for previous conditions
  • Complete portability
  • Children living with you get to stay on your policy

There, done.

If the government really thinks the insurance companies are making too much money… the government should let go of some bureaucrats and invest their salaries by buying stock in those insurance companies. Now there’s an idea you won’t hear anywhere else.

Don’t just say it James.

Show me.

Aren’t you from the “show me state” ?

LOL Perhaps he will moved to Canada, He is going to have a hard time finding a country that does not have some kind of Public health care . Perhaps some little island he can claim for himself. But then it would need to have a airport to drop off his prescriptions off.

Rush doesn’t want public healthcare and that is why he go and pay cash somewhere that will take it.

Get over it.

Are home inspectors members of the SEIU in the mid west? Kind of sounds like some may be.
It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out. Since I’m retired, gotta pension, soc security check and the best and one of the most successful mold inspection businesses in Florida, I don’t really care.
But I’am glad I’m not in the 82nd Airborne today, don’t think I could stand to salute Obama.
I have enough gold, I can get my health needs somewhere. Can’t believe all the lib’s will be able to. :D:D:D

Sunny and warm here in Florida, just stopped by the office to pick up the vette for our Sunday ride, store it in the office garage. y’all enjoy the “change”.

Don’t have to fill out an application to see doctor here in Canada!! You can get appointments or go to a walk-in clinic. Have used 2 different walk-in clinics in the past month due to sinus infection and partial hearing loss (better now)…wait times- 20 and 40 minutes (second one was next to a 12,000 person university campus). At the second one I was given drugs!!!

BTW Over the past few years, it has been reported numerous times that our costs for health care procedures are about 1/2 American cost. This past summer, I consulted on an energy retrofit of a house for a couple of specialist doctors. They had worked in Washington state in their first years out of college. One of them told me about an acquaintance there that needed a knee “replacement”-cost locally was $45,000-50,000. She contacted a doctor friend in Alberta; cost $10,000-$12,000 in a private clinic.

One large item in the cost differential is reported to be the $$$$$$$$$ spent in administration by the private insurance companies…each with their own system rather than a single integrated system for, say, at least each state.