HEADS UP! Support@americanhomeinspector.org

Watch out for this email, it is a hack spammer! I have had hundreds of unsolicited emails sent by this group. Label it as spam and delete it from there. They have a mailing list provided by someone with all inspectors email address’s.

It appears likely that the offender added every email address to the Support@americanhomeinspector.org so when replying to even that address it creates a tidal wave of emails.

In my opinion even clicking on the unsubscribe list at the bottom of the email is ill-advised to avoid a virus or malware.

To minimize the impact, I created a mail rule to automatically delete emails that include Support in the subject line because most inspectors are not changing it.

It does beg the question, where did they obtain every email address (US and Canada). Is there a repository maintained by NACHI that has been compromised? Has any additional information (payment as an example) been compromised? I suspect not, but it is worth the question.

Wasn’t there a cyber attack on the InterNachi websites yesterday afternoon? That could have been one example of if/when our information was compromised.

Please, fill me in. I missed that.

I never got the original e-mail, but I did get the replies from inspectors asking to be removed from the list. I checked with Go Daddy, and it sounds like the inspectors e-mail addresses are on the reply list so whenever you ask to be removed it just sends out more emails. They said they could research it further, but they would need the original email that was sent.

391 replies in my inbox already, not sure what ticks me off more, the nuisance of the original email or the number of people replying. Maybe an e-mail survival course would be a good idea to teach people NOT TO REPLY!!! lol

We are all looking at this very wrong. Here is the best plan with this:

For Sale: List of Active North American Home Inspectors! All verified addresses!

I don’t remember the exact details, but you know how sometimes Chris posts an announcement (usually about the MB being down for maintenance) above the first post? Well, yesterday afternoon there was an announcement (in all RED letters) that InterNachi was battleing an attack (it mentioned the name of the attack, but I don’t recall it), and asked us to be patient while they do battle. Later the announcement was gone, but no other information was made available to the best of my knowledge.

Kind of reminded me of Yahoo!, and Target, and… and… and…

Sorry, that’s all I got. :neutral:

It was a DDOS attack. that stands for Distributed Denial of Service. I have had to deal with it in the past and my forums currently redirect through a DDOS filter that I pay a couple hundred a month to monitor incoming traffic.

It is not a hack but more of a “you pissed me off so now I will take you offline.” Basically a ton of “robots” send huge packets of information (files) to the site causing the servers to slow and crash.

Where is the like button for your quote, Shawn? :slight_smile: lol

Thanks Jeff. That helps. Maybe NHIE got revenge. :mrgreen: If you saw last week where Nick posted “someone” hacked their site.