Hearth Room Fireplace - Who's Got the Asprin

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Same house has my last post

Hearth Room fireplace. Owners complain that they can't use this fireplace. It seems at times, after only being on for 20 minutes or so they get headaches and watery eyes.


Same type of fireplace, gas operated w/continuous pilot. Flip the switch and its on. However, this one is vented through the wall at the very top of the back wall of the insert. Couldn't get a good pic through the glass. I ran the unit for 20 minutes, couldn't get a high reading on the CO monitor.


Fireplace is installed on the SE corner of the dwelling. Flue is through the wall and less than three feet in length. Vent is approximately 2 feet away from the actual corner of the dwelling and about 12 feet above grade and 10 feet below the overhang and soffits. Also to the left of the fireplace are windows approx. 60 inches away from vent. The unit has a powered fan that is functioning.

Winter time winds are NW-N predominate with some storms coming up from the SW. I also called for further eval. on this unit.

What do you think ![eusa_think.gif](upload://lNFeGuTetUAtwNVgUSOuUzgrGGK.gif) Ventilator fan not moving enough CFM to counter any backdraft forces. Only happens on occasions, owners never thought to document conditions at time of headaches.

My personal opinion, replace the vent and install chimney. I don't feel that this particular unit would ever be totally safe.

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Just for sanity, the vent is free of obstrructions such as birds nest etc.? I see birds nest in these quite frequently, however it is quite obvious usually.

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Hi Mike

No birds or squirrels. Forgot to mention also this is a corner lot house. So no natural wind protection provided. Streets at a lower level. Lot at this end slopes to the street, maybe additional 6 foot drop over 30 feet.

Fortunately, this is not a re-sale (at this time), no agents to worry about, just very concerned home owners. Could be though if they don't get a few more major issue's properly squared away. I think when the AHJ re-evaluates this job, he's gona say it's OK, done to code. They signed off on it and issued an occupancy permit, I think its just a bad plan for the conditions.


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I would think you answered your own question: Either there is blockage, or the fan can’t give enough CFM…when conditions are just right, there is obviously a draft problem. But whatever they do, for the love of God, have them get a CO monitor in there…then they can document under what conditions they have problems…without risking headaches…or their lives! icon_exclaim.gif

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