Heat and asphalt shingles

Hello all,

Newbie here. Just finishing the roof inspection course.

We’ve been having a bunch of 90+ degree days here. Curious if that has any effect when walking on asphalt shingle roofs. Are they more prone to damage in the heat?


Hi Ed,
yes, when you walk on shingles in hot weather it is easy to scuff them and knock off the granules. If you must walk the roof in hot weather, walk carefully and to not twist your feet.


Thanks very much!

When I worked for a builder we would find ourselves installing quite a few roofs especially when work was slow. Sneakers help with preventing scuffing, my boss would scream at us when we were on a roof in work boots in the summer for whatever reason they do seem to scuff roofs up more. Also check out cougar paws. They’re boots but I have a few friends who are on roofs daily and swear by them. Good luck and be safe