roofing shoes

I have been looking at the Cougar Paws and I cant decide if they are all they claim.
I have been walking around on roofs all my life using sneakers but as I get older Im starting to feel less grip. I called C Paws and they are saying the sneakers are discontinued and they are coming out with a hiking style shoe.
My question here is how are they working for you guys ?
they said they cant recommend them for metal roof because of the dust but what do yall think? will they help traction on metal?

I love mine for those step roofs. I don’t walk around on the ground in them either they are just a tool when I need it. The sneakers version you need to cinch up tight so you don’t slip out the back. I don’t walk metal roofs, I have a camera pole for them if need be.

I use my special metal roof walking shoes for walking on metal roofs. They always fit, never slip. :mrgreen:

Are you a hobbit? :smiley:

LOL! Now we know!:mrgreen:

you must be tough to walk on the metal in the summer barefooted…no thanks :smiley:

or in winter:shock:

This is what they looked like before he shaved them…

Steven Tyler:

  • Voice that can hit notes only a bat can hear.
  • Feet that allow him to climb almost any roof.

Steven Tyler's feet.jpg


As per my knowledge you should be use hiking style shoe for this purpose.

I use a pair of their boots and they work great on asphalt roofs. I would not use them on steel or wood shingles as they are not designed for these type of applications.

I had paid the big bucks for the sneakers and they do slip of your heel you do need the hiking boot style, I have yet to try them on a metal roof yet but I am waiting for that moment.

I’d listen to the manufacturer on that one.