Heat pump water heaters

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I’ve seen one condo complex built 3 years ago with a two piece heat pump system They did not have all the programmable features that the new units have but appeared to be an efficient system. One interesting side effect was the system would actually lower the temp and humidity in the garage where they were placed.


Great Info thanks Joe Much appreciated.

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Store Price
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[ENERGY STAR® Qualified](javascript:fnOpenGlossary(0):wink: — Exceeds federal guidelines for energy efficiency and provides year-round energy and money savings
Consumes up to 62% less energy than a standard electric water heater
Save $320 per year in water heater operating cost (Based on DOE test procedure and comparison of a 50-gallon standard electric tank water heater using 4879 kWh per year vs. the GeoSpring™ hybrid water heater using 1856 kWh per year)
Demand response capable
Offers easy replacement of standard electric water heater
Fits in similar footprint as a standard 50-gallon water heater