Heating (& Cooling?)

I will admit I have never seen this so any information about this will be greatly appreciated.

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Haha! That’s old, no model number visible anywhere?

It looks like an old coal burning furnace, commonly known as an octopus, that was converted to burn gas. It is probably about 55% efficient, which means that for every dollar spent, $.45 goes wasted up the chimney. It is gravity heating…no fan that I see added. An upgrade would pay for itself in short order.


Ya think?! Haha! :grin:

What year was the home, Mike?

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Some information about the older furnaces.

If I recall, i looks like the heating unit called an “octopus”.

Great read about gravity/octopus furnaces. Thanks gentlemen. Hope everyone is safe and in good health out there!!

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Why didn’t you just ask the homeowner for the Owners Manual?! :innocent:

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