Tangling with an Octopuss tommorow

Guy just got off the phone telling me I will be shocked by the HVAC furnace when I see it.

He said it looks like a monster,so my thoughts went straight to these Gravity furnaces I have heard of.

If that is what I encounter,do any of you have a opinion on them?

This is a Duplex,so I am thinking that is a long way to go for a convection unit.

Other than that I am ignorant.(insert joke)

Very inefficient.

No blower of filter.

Large cold air return often only one per floor.

Covered with Asbestos piping.

Old old old

Some where coal burners originally and may have had a gas or oil gun retrofitted into them.

Post some pics when you have them

Got the code and will go when I feel like waking up.

Will be using my new Sony HD video and trying the CTL GO again, since I can play with out interruption.

To bad I can’t pipe it live,like that cell phone site I found last year.
Just gotta leave time for a dinner Condo.

(hehe) now I know why he said not to tell him about any asbestos.