Heating system

The inspector found a full bathroom with no connection to the heating system. I think this shoud be repair by the seller. It’s correct?

Thank you,

Esteban Polo

That would be the job of your Real Estate attorney to advise you on that issue.

Someone posted here that a bathroom does not “require” heat because of “habitable room” criteria in some State interpretations.

You need to check at your local level, not here.

Your inspector was correct in reporting it in any case. But that does not mean it requires repair.

I can see somebody interpreting it that way but I would think that’s more the exception than the rule (as Mr. Andersen indirectly wrote in his last statement).

I would agree with Mr. Tribuzio that who pays to have the heat run installed would be between the buyer and the seller and how the contract was written. Knowing if this is an acceptable practice in that area (I would think) would play a role in the negotiations.