Height of Exhaust Fan over Bathtub

Is there any acceptable height where you can have an exhaust fan installed over the showering area of a bathtub?



don’t know can rules for sure
south of you i use nec
fans would have to be approved for wet/damp & be no less than luminaries is my understanding & what i report when needed


Thanks for info Barry

I would imagine that it is safe to assume that a ULC/CSA approved bathroom fan, purpose, to remove humid, moist air from bathrooms with showers in them, is safe to install inside or outside the shower area. badairs illustration examples are hanging light and fan fixtures that are designed for locations other than bathrooms. Having said that, common sense should prevail, if a bathroom ceiling fan is so low that a normally tall person hits their head on it, I would call that out.

you’re correct
i screwed the pooch & removed the inaccurate diagram…that’s what happens when i post before bedtime

exhaust fans with a UL listing for installation over a tub or shower on a GFCI circuit can be installed over a tub or in a shower

Probably not. Under the cover of the fan it will likely specify that it is not a wet location fan.

Andy Shaw
Milton, Ontario.
Certified Master Inspector.