Bath fan within shower enclosure

What about a bath fan within the shower enclosure just above the surround? Maybe it’s just me but I don’t like the install.

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Besides looking ridiculous, it is exposed to a wet location and subject to water saturation.

It is also a good chance that in the manufacturers instructions, if placed in such a location would have to be protected by a Class A GFCI Device.

If that’s a wet location, (definition in Artilce 100 of the NEC) then the fan would need to be listed as such. My guess is that it isn’t. As Paul mentioned most fans in shower/tub area are required by their manufacturer to have GFCI protection. This is not a NEC requirement but a listing requirement that it be installed per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Good info thanks!

Kinda a NEC requirement…it invokes 110.3(B) which is NECish…:wink:

True, in a round-about way. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to point out that you won’t find GFCI requirements for bath fans over tubs in Article 210 of the NEC. There could be some manufacturer that does not require GFCI protection for these fans.

lol…then I will pull out his fan guts and now we have the receptacle in the shower area…lol…always skinnin the KITTY

No worse than having its switch within reach;-)…

You canadians…lol…thats not a violation down in these parts…:wink:

Switches are permitted within reach by the NEC. In fact it only needs to be beyond the vertical plane of the tub’s edge.

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But we Canadians are simply more safety oriented!

Or you could say we know how to use a switch without getting hurt :D.

Can’t be much of an issue since the code has remained silent for so long.

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You should be able to figure it out with some reading. Hope you have lots of time. :wink:

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