Height Requirement for Line from House to Garage.

Is there a height requirement for an overhead electric cable feeding a garage from a house?

Is it the same as the primary Service Drop to the house?

I would say the area between the house and the garage would be considered a walkway therefore 10’ clearance.

That was my thought, as well. Just thought I’d get a second opinion.

Thanks, Michael.

Unless there is a roadway under it, then it would be a roadway instead of a walkway, therefore 18’ clearance. A lot of the horse ranches in my area have a roadway between a house on one side feeding a garage or barn on the other side.

Russel has a good point, may people don’t realise that the 18ft rule over roadways also covers commercial parking lots and access driveways anywhere that could be serviced with a semi needs to have 18ft of clearance.



The key here is you used the term House…thus Residential and based on the NEC the clearance for a Residential property and some commercial areas not subject to truck traffic the height is 12’

Also another point here is the voltage…most probably 300V of less…so it would still fall it at the 12’ mark…

Again…depends on the classification of the dwelling…in this case we can only assume it is a normal residence and a normal dwelling garage…thus 12’ ( 230.24(b)(2)) and also happens to be the same for overhead spans in 225.18(2)…if anyone wanted that…probably not

Don’t forget the Code of Common Sense either, though. If the Client is a fire chief in a high fire hazard area and will be bringing a fire engine home–you might laugh, but it’s common here in some of the rural areas of San Diego–then one might use the Code of Common Sense to recommend 18’ over that driveway. Fortunately, the properties I’ve inspected here actually have roadways going throughout the properties, since they are large properties, and not just a driveway.

Just keep in mind…what I posted can have nothing to do with a driveway…it is required to be 12’ over " Residential Properties "…and Driveways…

I can then only assume if a garage is in play…their has to be SOME driveway here…anyway…now since we have NO REAL senerio here…lol… so if you assume the area between the garage and the house is only accessible to pedestrians…and you are going to run also a bare grounded messenger…and what have you then 10’ is ok

Sorry I didn’t give more clarification. There is no driveway in play. The line goes from the back of the residence, over walkway and yard, to the backside of a detached garage at the other end of a fenced yard. The line dropped down to my eyeball height, so I was able to get a good look at it. :slight_smile:

lol…eyeball height…now thats low unless you are Mr. Decker…I hear he is about 8-9’ tall…:slight_smile:

Actually the point of attachment should not be less than 10’ in all cases…the only TWAT in the clearance is to hear alot of people say 10’ is the height when actually their are GUIDELINES to it being 10’…the NEC actually says 12’ over Residential Property…so for 10’ to apply it has to meet the requirements stated in the article.

Safety wise…12’ is better than 10’ and no one knows what may be parked in the yard…lol…18’ is better BUT you are not going to see that being done over a residential property…without paying for it probably as the local POCO wont do it.