Hello everyone. I'm InterNACHI's new intern.

Hi my name is Katie McReynolds and I am a new intern at InterNACHI.

I am finishing up my degree at the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business studying finance and international business. I speak Mandarin Chinese and I’ve been Nick’s banker for the past 2 years.

I will be working on joint projects between InterNACHI and Beijing, China. InterNACHI inspectors worked for the Olympics last year, and for many years have been doing inspections in Hong Kong.

I will also be creating marketing pieces for members to use to target Asian communities here in North America.


Ask the China inspectors if they want an IR class over there.
Welcome to InterNACHI.

Hi Katie
很高興認識你 很高兴认识你

Hey, Bobby…I think your keyboard crashed…or something.

It’s printing all scratcy…:cool:

If you need to hide some of Nicks money, I will give you my account #

welcome aboard and good luck

Just testing Katie’s Mandarin.

Hi Katie

Hello Katie

So to do that you ordered Kung Pao Chicken Bob???

Welcome Katie :smiley:

Welcome Katie!!

Welcome to InterNACHI.


Welcome. Nick sure knows what he’s doing when he adds you to his collection of office models. I’m jealous that I can’t walk into work (on a daily basis) and see a bunch of beautiful ladies hard at work.

I’m looking forward to your marketing techniques that will target Asian communities in my area. I’ve performed many home inspections for Asians, but I have not marketed to them directly.

Katie, Welcome to our neighborhood.

Welcome aboard Katie!
( So what does Nick REALLY do with all that money? Any chance of a 'bail-out"? :wink: )

Hello Katie McReynolds,

Welcome to the team. So not personalized iNACHI page yet?


A warm “WELCOME”

Welcome Katie. I bet you need to speak Mandarin to be Nick’s banker :wink:

:p:p welcome to the madhouse Katie :D:D

Hey Katie!

  I welcome you to INachi, as an INachi member, and also on behalf of all the new CanNachi members up in Canada! Maybe you could work part time for us? I'll put it to the board when we meet next week.

                                       with respect, Harold Lowe C.M.I.