I'm am a new member.

I recently joined interNACHI, and I just wanted to say hello to everyone.:D:D:D:D

Josh Rabanus

Precision Inspections.

Welcome aboard Josh. I think you find that this board can be very helpful and most members keep it on topic.

However, there are some who will disappoint like any other forum out there. It want take long to figure it out.

Lots of great inspection information on this board and you can get answers to your question very quickly.

Welcome to InterNACHI :wink:

Welcome Josh!!!

Welcome Josh!

Welcome aboard the INachi express! Take a seat, buckle, and hang on!:wink:

Welcome! Josh

Welcome Josh! You are a member of the best home inspector’s association. Take advantage of the excellent education benefits that are available in this organization. Members here are professionals and they will help you find solutions to any problems that may arise.

Welcome Josh…I am a fairly new memeber as well and I can truely say that the members here are a blessing

Welcome to the NACHI family Josh!!

Welcome aboard Josh!!

Welcome Josh, It happens that I just wrote an article for you!


Welcome Josh.


The do’s and donts of home inspectors should be on a poster for every home inspectors wall. Very good advice. Especially buying the tools on credit. That was one of my mistakes!


If you want you may call me, Id be happy to see you get your business going. Your just south of my old hometown :slight_smile:

Welcome Josh!!! Don’t listen to half of what these guys tell you; listen to ALL of it.

…and then decide what is right for you, and your business.

Exactly!! See now, that is what I am talking about, listen to all of it, because one answer or piece of advice will compliment the other.

And even in some the the long, heated, nasty debates/discussions that (rarely :roll:) go on here, if you take the time to weed through it all, you will usually find some tidbits of information, that make it all worth while.