New To Site

Hello, I’ve been reading some of the forum posts for a couple of weeks and really enjoy the professional atmosphere of people assisting each other. I just passed the NHIE last night here in Oklahoma and look forward to maybe obtaining some of that assistance in the near future!!



Our free, online inspection courses are approved in Oklahoma:

And… we recently launched a dedicated Oklahoma forum of this message board here:

Nick, I didn’t realize that until I had already started a paid course or I would have definately used your site. You guys did help me a couple days ago to become a member, so that I could use your exam study questions. There were a big help!

The quick response and eagerness to help me sold me on InterNACHI completely and I will remain a member. The site is great, with a lot of resources available.

I just hit my one year InterNACHI anniversary. The resources are beyond compare. Big thanks to Nick, Ben and the InterNACHI staff. I look forward to many more years. The home inspection business has never been so good. Congrats on joining the ranks Jim.

Those yankess will be saying oh no not another Okie

Welcome aboard if you need some advice I am in North central Okla been at this a long time:D

Thank you!! Would you mind a ride-along or two in the near future?