Defect recognition help requested!

The obvious problems like double taps at main & fuses where noted.

Panel being undersized and recommending upgrading & evaluation was noted.

I had trouble with my camera and had to use my backup. So disregard the date codes. My back up camera is marginal at best & sorry about the photo quality. Looks like I need a new camera. Again!!!

I am posting to help educate my self on other potential issues that I may be missing. Please note any defects that you see.

Are you allowed to jumper the lugs at the sub panel?
Do you note FPE hazards to the small subs?

For determining the service size. The home was occupied so I didnt pull the main fuse block. I would assume they are 60 amp fuses. Appeared to be 100 amp copper SEC. There didnt appear to be the typical stove pullout.
No rating information at the panel. I noted as 60 amps.

Thanks for the help.

86506 Parma 016 (Small).jpg

86506 Parma 015 (Small).jpg

86506 Parma 014 (Small).jpg

86506 Parma 017 (Small).jpg

The sub panel feeders appear seriously undersized. I just hate fuse boxes with subpanels. You almost always know you are going to call for an electrician before you open it up. Occasionally though, one is OK, so you end up opening all of the panels just in case.