Service Rating?

200 amp written on panel. service wire look smaller than 4/0 home 70 yro no main breaker, four breakers to throw for main…i’m guessing 100 AMP. was told to always guess low than high. Double taping and missing knockout also noted.

Not determined… Never guess.

what did the outside meter enclosure look like? It might only be a 60 amp service

Outside Meter

Not a 200amp. From the pictures, I roughly guess a 60 or 100amp service. The panel looks to be 200, but can be fed with a smaller service.

Judging from the SE cable I would agree with your assessment, 100 amp.

upgraded panel, not upgraded meter or service…bootleg. If that meter box is designed for 60amps, does that mean there is a fire/safety issue when there is a draw above and beyond 60amps at the box or would it be ok if the feeders or conductors were sized correctly somehow?

Im guessing or imaging a scenario where the conductors for a 60amp system would also work for a 100amp system and there may not be a safety/fire hazard if a panel was upgraded but not the meter/service.

I would agree to 100A split-bus service panel judging by the meter case and SEC. The Square D breakers are ok to have two conductors, but there is cloth covered wiring (TCCW) in that panel which should be noted and evaluated.

I agree with Robert, looks like a 100 amp based on the cable size.

Those breakers are listed for two conductors.

Thanks Everyone.

What would indicate that the panel was upgraded?

Well I really can’t tell but based on the removed strap on the load side of that Meter Enclosure it would possible (based on assumptions) be a result of removing the cable so they would install a different panel…lol

But hey maybe gravity did that to the strap, which is possible I guess. I would not honestly assume it was changed but based on the image alone and that hanging chad, I mean strap, someone may have been playing with it.

Again just assumptions on my part…but I was felling like I had to make up something…:wink:

HOWEVER - in looking at the SB Design it is old enough to be original to that cable so again probably just a 100A panel (never assume on that, if you can’t tell just say “Unable to Determine”) and move on.