Help getting my state to take notice.

My state (TN), when they enacted the law on home inspections they basically worded it that anyone I have directly or indirectly involved in the home inspection has to be fully licensed by the state. That leaves me with no way to train people so that I can grow. Yes I can teach someone on the side how to pass the tests and get the license but if they stink or just quit I have gotten them a license, told them some of my secrets in doing home inspections and such and now I may have more competition. Yes I can do non compete contract but we are talking more money and time. I have talked to my state rep who acknowledged there is an issue with training and other problems with law but he has done nothing, I guess I am just a little voice. I have suggested setting up an apprentice license thinking they would see more revenue dollars but again no help. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get them to take notice of this? The only way I can see is to make some others who are violating the law (yes I know many) to be seen and join the cause but I don’t want to make that type of statement. We need to be training good INACHI inspectors and I would love to add staff but I want the ability to train them properly. Any help would be appreciated

I wish I could help Scott. More proof that licencing solves nothing.

Employment agreement with non-compete clause.