Help Identify Old Batt Insulation

I did an inspection the other day and saw this older funny looking batt insulation. It has a black facing, it looks like brown compressed wood or paper, didn’t get a very good picture of it, but here’s what I have just mostly of the backing. It was on the roof rafters under the decking. Also, good this contain some asbestos content ? I live in an area that has lots of old homes I’ve never seen this before. Thanks in advance. Heres a pic of the dark brown stuff, it is right above the square piece of cardboard, it looks like some kind of pressed wood, like real thick masonite type material, I dont know why I didn’t get better photos of it…



Hard to say from the photo. Not a great idea to insulate the underside of roof sheathing though. Absolutely no need for it.

I saw this old bat the other day.

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Thanx for the replies guys, Barry you got it, that’s exactly what it looks like. By reading about (Googling) it doesn’t appear to have much R value, but back in the 40’s that was better than sheets of newpaper or hay bales or straw. Linas, you leave my mom out of this or I will send her after you, “she knows where you live” hey, what do you expect, she’s 91 years young & still works in the oilfields on the rig floor screwing & unscrewing joints of pipe between that chin & her forehead, since she has no arms, whatta gal…

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