Help! need manufacturer of similar tool to sludge judge

I was surfing the web and came across a really nicely built 6’ polycarbonate
inspection tool for measuring solids .

I was in a rush and didn’t save the damn page and now I can’t find it to save my life.

It was priced at 95 bucks for a nice 6’ model , had a big black proprietary valve
at the bottom and had “MAX” in the model name.

I need to buy one of these asap and can’t locate the damn company

let’s see who can find it first…

had the tube labeled in foot increments, nice solid piece that didn’t let a drop
loose until you released it.

Thank Gents.

I use a Tru Core sludge sampler. Works great. I’ll be using it tomorrow and Wednesday for septic inspections.

Gosh all these years been using my finger , now there is a tool

Thanks so much gents

The sim tech looks pretty good but I’m sold on the Raven design
So again I owe you a beer Larry ,

And Wayne if we ever meet please don’t expect to shake hands .

Just hung up after a great conversation with Dave at Raven
I have the Coretaker Max 5’ model with a 12" lanyard on the way
and will arrive by Thursday.

I’ll do a pictoral review of it on an inspection on Friday .

This looks like a kick *** product and they are new to
catering to the home inspection industry so they deserve some
recognition .

LOL i wash my hands once week what else do you want;-)


LOL these young fellers want so much Marcel , next they be saying underwear needs changing more than once a month .lol Hell if there is no skid marks your good to go.

I know. Why change something that feels comfortable. :wink:

This thing just kicks ***!
Coretaker Max…

just get one !

Easy to clean, accurate fast evaluations of the good stuff down there in that tank.