Found New Tool: "Inspector Probe"

Finally, after all this time, I found a perfect probe tool for home inspections! I was using a sharp stick that would have a tendency to scratch surfaces, but this probe has a soft tip too. It has made my life easier and thought I’d pass the information along to other inspectors. You can order it online and receive it in days. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Save your $20 bucks. If you have an old paint roller at home, straighten it out and wah-la the perfect prob.

This looks like a scam or a tool for picking up garbage.

This probe seems alright. Thank you for the tip.

Our inmates use that when they are on work detail for trash

Damn, I could have stuck a punch awl on one of my telescoping roller extensions, put a rubber tip on it, and patented it. I’ld be rich!

I use a telescoping hiking stick, or pole. It telescopes to about 5 feet long, and collapses to about 2 feet. (approximately) If I need to probe soffits, or a joist that I can’t reach in a crawlspace I just extend it out. I epoxied a nail to the end of it, and sharpened it with a dremel tool. I use a wine cork to cover the tip to avoid stabbing myself, or my client.:mrgreen: As a bonus, I glued a magnet to the cork, and glued a washer to my moisture meter, voltage sniffer, etc, and if I can’t reach a ceiling, etc. I attach my tool to the magnet and extend the pole. I use a tether in case I knock the tool loose. It works great. Got mine at Wally World…

Mike, Good idea. I like it. You ought to patent it and sell it. Got to be an easier living.

I make my own. Go to your local hardware store, buy a piece of metal square or round stock in a length you want. Get a file handle and insert the stock into it securely. I grind the tip to a point at home. About $10.00 total.

Make as many as you like,… :smiley:

Exactly what I carry. Cut the paint roller handle off at the first 90 degree turn and then sharpen end on a sander. Have mine on a telescoping pole handle. Works great.

I was thinking about marketing the ultimate Hands Free Cell Phone Kit.

No thanks. I like my Termite probe. It comes in handy as a pointer and locating WDI. While inspecting, I stick this probe inside my belt loop and grab it (just like a sword) when I need it. I’ve located thousands of Termites, flipped many swithes and used it as a handy pointer on many occasions. I carry three in my truck as I’ve forgotten to pack this tool several times due to laying it down somewhere while talking and explaining items to my clients.

I use a awl for wood destroying insects

I have found three buried oil tanks with My BBQ rotisserie shaft .
Yard sale $5;00 36 inches long screws apart complete with Handle .

Old oil tanks can cost any where from $4,00;00 to $400,000:00 to remove ,
I am not kidding very serious do not miss them.

Many years ago did a home that had leaked 100 gal cost for clean up $65,000:00 house sold for $69,000:00
… Cookie

Just made me a probe from a paint roller. Home made tools…there the best:D

I tie my camera to helium balloons and sell popcorn.

your killin me

That’s about what I have. Except I sharpened a 20" Craftsman screwdriver to a point. Works perfect.