Help needed with oil burner vent

(re-post from general discussion) I am concerned that the flex flue pipe for this oil fired furnace is incorrect. I have determined that the furnace manufacturer allows a direct vent connection with this furnace as long a Riello Burner is used (it does have a Riello burner); there is no chimney or external power vent. I do not like the flex pipe; I found a label indicating the connectors were made by Flex-L out of Canada but can not locate any website information for this company. The installation was done in 2001 and the furnace was last serviced in December of 2012 with no notes or concerns noted by the technician at that time. Do you recognize this vent and exterior termination? The furnace was manufactured by KERR Summit Model K6C






The Flex is fine . i left you a message on there other post

Thank you Wayne

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I believe it’s Z-Flex … Very popular brand but I could be wrong.

Thank you Jamin