Looking for info to buy new oil burner

Hi -

I’m a relatively new homeowner with some industrial mechanic experience and I’d rather not ask any of the knuckleheads I work with about this - I was looking at my burner on the furnace in my basement recently and it appears I could definitely use an upgrade. It’s a small cape type house - full basement and two upper floors. The burner I have heats the house but it’s at least 15 to 20 years old and I’m looking for a newer model that won’t break the bank ($300 to $500) but will post some oil savings.

Does anyone know of any brand/model that is highly regarded? The specifics of what I need I’ll figure out from there.


I installed a Beckett AFG last year and am very happy with it. You should consult an expert so that the air tube is sized correctly for the furnace / boiler. The correct nozzle is also important. If you do it yourself, I would get a tech to make the final adjustments so you get the best flame and efficiency. The folks at Beckett were very helpful when I had questions. It ran about $300.


Riello burners are very popular in my area. Probably 50-60% of the oil furnaces/boilers I inspect use this brand. I do efficiency tests as part of my home inspection and have always had the Riellos test in the 83-86% range.

Thanks for the feedback - I’ll definitely call someone in to make final adjustments - and I wouldn’t have had you not mentioned it. Thanks!