Help Please Age of First Co. HVAC unit

Having trouble finding the age of this HVAC unit.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Looks like 21st week of 1986.

Thanks RR.

There were 3 units in a high rise loft. Here’s another image of a different unit. They are all are similar in condition, style, type. This image if we were to use a similar format as you did would put it at I think 2003. That just seems not to add up.

Also a county inspect sticker on all 3 from 1999?


Me no likey these ‘’ First Co.’’ HVAC systems

**First Company - **The first alpha character denotes the year and the second two digits denote the month. Using the alphabet from A-Z, A = 1994, B = 1995, C = 1996, D = 1997, E = 1998, F = 1999 G = 2000, H = 2001, J = 2002, K = 2003, M = 2004, N = 2005, P = 2006, R = 2007 … (the characters I, O, and Q are skipped). An example would be C05 = 1996, May :slight_smile:


You are the man. This was very helpful!

Thank you!