First Co Age?????

The unit is a hydronic forced warm air unit. First Co 30RA03 (Ser# FC 237529 406520) Any ideas? :slight_smile:

My guess is `1975, I had one last week it was with in a year the house was built.

I don’t think so Wayne - the house was built in 2007. I’m guessing April of '06, but it’s just a guess. Thanks. I’ll call First Co tomorrow and see if I can get any more info. I’ll post what I find out.

This is some sketchy info I pried out of the service tech-

First Co

First letter do serial # is year. Number is month - Ex- M11 = November of 2005

D- 1997
E- 1998
F- 1999
G- 2000
H- 2001
J- 2002
K- 2003
L- 2004
M- 2005

Bar code usually indicates 2006 or later

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Stand correceted Thanks Bill For the info , we do not run into tomany down here.

I don’t see too many of these up here either, which is why I didn’t have any date code info. Thanks again Wayne.

Is this setup a hydronic coil in a forced air duct system or a unitary package?

First Company stuff was being sold in Nova Scotia in the 1997-99 period. Had never seen it before…it’s made in Dallas…or was then. Thought it might be a Lennox product differently branded but I guess they are their own company.

It was a hydronic forced air system. The water was heated in the water heater and fed to the coils in the unit.