Help Please! Silver Flat Roof Material??

Could anybody tell me what this material is??


Looks like EPDM which does not require silvering and the seams look terrible.
Call for a Roofer.

Propylene Diene Monomer). Although there are many ways to formulate EPDM rubber from EPDM polymer, all EPDM
rubbers share a chemical structure that gives them extraordinary resistance to heat, cold, sunlight, and air pollution, ideal
characteristics for a roofing membrane. EPDM will remain flexible throughout the coldest winters, it won’t crack or dry out
in the hottest summers, and it will withstand permanently ponded water. It is ideal for roofs with poor drainage or where the
waterproofing is to be covered by gravel, soil, decks, or pavers. In addition, since it is fully UV stable, it can be used for fully
exposed applications provided the heat gain from a black surface is not an issue.

That was quick, thank you!

It could be a self-adhered modified bitumen cap sheet with a reflective film. I have not seen this before, but if you find out what it is, please post. I would have a roofer look at it since there are obvious blisters and bad seams.

EPDM is kinda spongy.(thick)

TPO or EPDM, regardless, its shot…:cool:

Looks like someones been slopping on the seal coat to try and milk out a roof. Love those seams.

FUBAR, complete replacement recommended.
Was needs to become IS. :):wink:

I’m going to guess aluminum faced peel and seal roll roofing.

Thought you were off the wall Kam but you might be right after looking it up.
Never seen that stuff but it looks like the same pattern.

Good guess.

I see this is your first post…nice start.

Bob, guess you didn’t believe me. Self-adhered (peal and seal), rubberized asphalt base (mod bit) with aluminum reflective film.

OK go put…self-adhered modified bitumen cap sheet with a reflective film on google…now put ,aluminum faced peel and seal roll roofing.
Hit images and tell me who described it better.

Like I said have never seen it before…have you ?

Its a Modified Bitumen Roof system, either torched down or mopped down with hot asphalt then coated with aluminum paint to protect the material from ultra violet rays. You can google " modified bitumen roof systems " and get manufactures, and videos of it being applied

I vote for the “seal & peel” diagnosis.

Whatever it is, water stands on it as evidenced by the dark stains. Even a ‘flat’ roof should shed water.

This forum is an amazing tool! Thanks everyone for your help, I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions.

You are correct!
There is no shortage of Tools that frequent the message board. :stuck_out_tongue:

Was that an example of being a tool ? :twisted:

You are all incorrect! SIPLAST Roofing Materials is the manufacture, and VERAL Aluminum is the name of the product.The process in which applied; It was most likely torch applied, then immediately cooled with a wet sponge or mop to keep the facer stuck, and on the modifier flow out they would dust the asphalt with powdered aluminum. The VERAL product is still available by special order,
It was originally a 20 year system however 30 year useful life is common… Hope this helps…

Veral Aluminum comes with the foil coating already adhered to the membrane.