Flat Roofing Question

I was inspection a home looking at the flat roof over a three season room and I could not identify the material. At first I thought it was roll roofing that had been painted but closer inspection showed the material was padded or insulated and not painted but had a silver finish. The material is covering a corrugated metal roof. Could anyone identify the material. Any assistance would be appreciated.

That doesn’t look like roofing material. It looks like the foil insulation that goes under metal roofing.

foil insul

Its a wide roll of peel & stick, like the 4 inch wide flashing tape, foil lined.

Like this:

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Does not look like any roofing material that I’m familiar with…


It’s a patch due to leaks, or original, good to figure out which.
It is on a lower slope roof.
Are there shingles underneath? What did it feel like? Do you have an edge photo?

elastomeric paint over modified bitumen