Roof material identifaction

Need help in identifying this roofing material. Asphalt rolled?, Modified Bit? EPDM rubber? Photos were taken from a skylight, roof hatch was blocked.

From this I’m thinkin’ Bit!

I agree

Yep, looks like it. :slight_smile:

Funny, I thought it was bit but someone said on another board it was EPDM rubber and not Modified Bit.

You’d probably be seeing the fasteners through the membrane if it were EPDM.

EPDM rolls com in 10’ and standard 20’ rolls and other sizes, and what you saw is definitely a Bit roof.
Roy’s picture pretty well shows that. :slight_smile:

EPDM is smooth, rubbery, and comes in many size rolls. Mod-bit is typically covered with mineral granules like roll roofing, comes in rolls around 36" wide like roll roofing, but roll roofing is typically nailed, and you can see the nails. Mod bit has sealed seams, not nailed seams.