HELP-pre-listing inspections suggestions??

What does everyone do for these? Do you basically do a full inspection, or a shortened version and charge less?

We are just starting to market this and are having a great response. We have been asked to do a large volume of pre-listing inspections for a real estate company. We are supposed to be part of a package deal with anyone listing their homes and the broker is only charging the client $150 for our service because the he only wants a quickie 1 page not detailed check sheet pre-listing inspection and summary, that will maybe take us one-hour to complete. How do we cover our butts and feel we have done it justice without spending too much time and energy for the fee of $150? Our average regular inspection is $300-$350 plus ancillary stuff and takes 2 1/2-3 hours. We expect to get a lot of regular inspection business from this, but are a bit hesitant about our obligations and what agreement to have signed. Any suggestions would be helpful!


You are failing to see the big picture. Leave 30 copies of your report with the seller for him/her to lay out on the kitchen counter for every homebuyer and their REALTOR who tours the house to pick up.

Can you imagine??? 30 of your gorgeous reports in the hands of 30 homebuyers and 30 agents who are out and about this week looking for homes to buy in YOUR local market! Talk about target marketing, not to mention that the seller is likely a local buyer too.

The seller is going to use your report as a marketing tool and give a copy to every potential buyer that walks in the door… but the seller will be marketing your services as well… to very hot leads.

You would have to spend $10,000.00 in marketing to try to get a real sample of your work in the hands of 30 actual homebuyers (potential clients) and REALTORs who are shopping in your local market, about to buy a home and hire an inspector. And they want to pay you $150 or this opportunity? Take it!

Mark, I do alot of pre-listing inspections, and I personally will not do less of an inspection for a pre-list than a buyer. The scenerio you speak of could be all well and good and as nick says a great marketing opp, BUT, for just a quick checklist inspection, I think I would call it something other than a “prelisting inspection”,such as “present condition summary” or…whatever. I think I would just save “pre-listing inspection” for a quality full inspection

I have done it two ways Mark.

  1. Full inspection covering everything, and report everything.
  2. I still got through the entire house as a full inspection but only note the defects in the report.

Make sure your contract specifies what you are actually doing.

My question as a newbie is, will there be a concern when another inspector comes behind you for the buyer a spend more time and look a littler harder? The buyers may have selected this property because of the pre-listing report looking favorable. Whos reputation is on the line the realtors or the inspector?

Don’t miss anything and don’t worry.:wink:
You are overthinking this.

GUILTY AS CHARGED!!! I am also guilty of overthinking along the same lines…

Paralysis by Analysis is my defect and it causes me not to operate as intended.

Floyd said…

Most likely the second inspection will not reveal much more then your inspection if any.

I do pre-listing inspections, but I do not provide additional copies for the vendor to put out on the table. Why? I am not in the printing business, let the vendor do the marketing and the printing. Most likely the report will be handed out by the realtor and vendor anyway so you will be marketed regardless.

If you think the next inspector probally wont find much more then you are not doing your job and will be sued before the month is over. You best do your best and go the extra mile to not miss anything or just declare bancrupcy now.

I thought that pre-listing was an ordinary report inspection supplied to the Seller to help promote the sale of the property and voluntary provided to the Buyer. Am I wrong with this or what?

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


From my thinking, it is an EXTRAordinary inspection report supplied to the seller with multiple copies to help promote your inspection services to every agent and buyer who tours the home, picks up a copy, and will be needing a local inspector shortly… not to mention the seller who is likely buying locally and soon too.

If you get paid anything for target marketing your inspection business this way… that is just icing on the cake.

Thank you Nick;

Not quite sure what you said, but it sounded good.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I guess that is why I am known for being thorough. Missing nothing is easier said then done, particularly in light of the fact you can be sued for any wrong perceived.

As to leaving multiple copies of the pre-listing inspection… I am there to inspect, I am not there to provide sales materials for the agent of which that is why they get the big fat commission cheque. I also think you increase your risk by providing copies. If you only provide one copy to the client its up to him to use the report or he may choose to keep the info to himself for future negotiation material. The way I see it anyway.

Sorry Nick and thanks for responding, but I guess I have to disappoint you and side with Raymond on this one for the loggical thinking that I perseived the same way.


Marcel :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :slight_smile:

I agree with Ray too. As Raymond says, “I am not there to provide sales materials for the agent of which that is why they get the big fat commission cheque.”

I am there to provide a good service and fulfill my ethical duty to my fellow citizens to allow as many of them as possible learn about my good works… and so benefit from my good works.




It’s only fair for me to state that is not how I prefer to market my business, but then again who am I to say its wrong? Is that logical? :wink:

As long as it keeps you in business so that future clients can enjoy your good services… I’m with you.

As some of you know (I won’t mention names) our industry lost one of the technically best, veteran inspectors (a NACHI member) last month due to (in his words), failure to market well.

Pre inspection I charge the same as regular inspection.
I leave one copy of the report . I will if they wish make 50 mini copies
( a condenced version 2 pages only including pictures).
If the new purchaser wishes me to come and explain my report and walk the property I charge $150:00 .
It is on my web page and if you want to use it fine.

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