When performing a pre-inspection for a client, how much do you usually discount it versus a standard inspection? Also do you provide a written summary or full report?

I’ve seen things all over the board on this topic.

Are you talking about a “Seller’s Inspection”, or a pre-listing inspection? For me, The complete sellers inspection is not discounted at all, it’s an inspection like any other. A pre-listing inspection is going to be entirely up to you, whether you give a written report, follow standard SOP’s, or just give an informal “input” with a quick walk around.

Many guys on this mb just charge a set consultation fee, and charge for the time spent.

Why do NACHI inspectors give discounts? That word should not be in your vocabulary. It is said by inspectors mostly because an RE has asked you for one. Amazing.

On a “Sellers Pre-listing inspection”, I actually charge 10% more, due to the additional detail (including general cosmetic issues) that will need mentioning in the report.

Note: A savvy seller will include a copy of your report with their Disclosure statement.

Good point, Jeff. Never thought of that, but it actually does require a little more effort, and I usually spend a little more time at the site because the seller will have questions about WHY this is a defect, and you have to be very careful not to offend the seller, since he’s paying for the inspection.

Good points guys, thanks.

Same inspection content, same report, same price. Most of my clients use the report to market their home. Because I offer transferable free lifetime support of the inspection to the buyer, nearly 100% of them use my inspection and save themselves the cost of hiring someone else. I do a ton of them.

I charge about $50 less for a pre-listing inspection, as the report is written only to highlight the defects. Nameplate data and descriptions of non-defective items are not included in the report, so the report takes less time to write. The inspection itself is the same as one for a buyer’s inspection.

A written summary is still included.

It’s a full inspection and it is not discounted. I find these inspections to be even tougher, because you know another inspector is likely to follow behind you.

That may be true, you don’t want the next HI to find an item you didn’t.

I charge about $50 more for a pre-listing inspection, as the report is written to highlight the defects, including significant cosmetic issues. Nameplate data and descriptions of non-defective items are always included in the report, so the report takes no more time than necessary to write. The inspection itself is **more extensive **as one for a buyer’s inspection, as sellers are looking for a more comprehensive report as they will be determining an appropriate Listing Price using my report as guidance. NOT reporting that the homes entire interior needs to be repainted at a cost of $5K+ just may cost you, literally!

A written summary is still included, only if requested by the client.

We do several a year. There is a small discount, because we do not check the kitchen appliances and the scheduling is usually flexible. We like to add all of the data plate information, I believe the buyers would like the information.

We tell the client to leave a copy for the buyer to see, post a move in certified sign(if the seller wants) and post the pdf on-line for all to download if they want. We encourage the seller to include receipts for items fixed and offer to update the report if items change.

We do get several calls about them and a few have asked us to re-inspect as buyers and sellers. We find it a stress free marketing opportunity. Some realtors have learned to recommend them to buyers on listings that they feel would benefit from some repairs. We feel that everyone wins with less stress.

John, when updating the report do you eliminate the repaired item from the report or do you ad something like the item has since been repaired?

We eliminate it after the re-inspection. Generally people do not ask for the re-inspection the receipt shows good faith and that the seller is working towards the sale. Having the receipts, I believe would be better for negotiations make someone feel more comfortable rather then they find out after the fact.

Do you have a contract for a Pre-inspection. This would be a inspection that tell the seller what to fix and have ready for the buyer’s inspection.