HELP!!! ( Sun Nuclear 1027)

I have recently purchased a Sun Nuclear 1027 radon machine and having the worst time trying to connect it to my computer. I have purchased the USB to Serial Adapter and it still will just not transfer the data. I heard that it may not work with my computer because it is 64 bit, which would be BS, but I also tried with my older 32 bit. Is this machine just old technology and outdated?

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Does your computer recognize the adapter,(is the driver installed) if so which com port?
The Sun Nuclear software will help identify whether you have a connection and on which port.

If the adapter driver is installed and the Sun Nuclear software recognizes it on com 1,2,3, or 4…then you will need to follow the software instructions.
Start the Sun Nuclear program
verify the proper com port is selected
click on get data
Hold down both print and clear buttons until the yellow led comes on continuously then release both buttons the yellow led will now be flashing

I have one adapter on com 2 and one adapter using com 3, two machines with two different adapters.

+1 on making sure the com port is correct.

I had to try every USB port on my computer before I found one that worked on one of the 4 ports they offer in the software.