Sun Nuclear 1027 USB/Serial cable

I’m needing another USB/Serial cable for my Sun Nuclear 1027’s.

Regular USB/Serial cables do not work. Apparently the Sun configuration is different than a standard cable and they will not work.

Anyone have an extra that they would be willing to part with for a reasonable amount?

I typed this in on E-BAY: (USB to RS232 Serial 9Pin Cable Adapter) and ordered mine for $ 2.95 w/ free shipping and it works fine for my 1027

I got one too, but it won’t work. (My cd reader won’t read the little cd, and the driver I found to download wouldn’t work either.)

I found one at best buy for $37.00. Thats $8.00 less than Sun.

what windows are you running Mark?

I’m running “pissta” (vista) and I just got it to work. (Brian’s comment motivated me to give it another shot.) The first time I tried to install the little cd in the player it wouldn’t recognize it. I even tried it on three other computers. Magically it worked this evening. I hate computers… I don’t know what ever possesed me to get a degree in computer science 23 years ago. I am so glad I don’t do this crap for a living any more.

LOL well kinda like women cant live with them cant live without them. i had the same problem that is why i asked . glad it worked for you take care

It normally takes me three tries to load data from 1027 to Vista laptop. What a pain!!! If I load to my PC with XP it works flawlessly, go figure.

I am glad it finally worked for you Mark. I have Vista on my lap top and for some strange reason, it worked on the 1st try.