Help Whats Happeinig

When I type, and I might add that I don’t type very fast. There is a delay and when I stop typing the words keep coming.

Any suggestions. No viruses found.

Close and restart your browser. If that doesn’t help then reboot your system.

This has been ongoing for about 2 weeks now. I turn off the computer everyday so re-booting hasn’t helped.

What operating system and browser are you using?

Click on the lower task bar and click “task manager” to see what processes are running and to see the CPU usage.

W XP prof.
Internet Explorer
Procecces 57
Usage never went above 8%

I’ve had this happen in FireFox after a long session but restarting FireFox has always cleared it.

I would make sure your virus software is up to date.

I’m sure Dominic will chime in when he wakes up.

I hope!

Thanks Michael for your help.

When that nonsense starts happening to me, I usually run “Spybot” and “Adaware”. They are free downloads and they clean up unwanted junk that gets installed (often without your knowledge). My comp seems to speed up significantly after running them (for a while, then I run them again.)

On a side note, my kids keep telling me I need to get Mac. I’m beginning to believe them. :wink:

PS. Nice name ya got. Glad to see you spell it right. (with a “k”) :D;-)

It looks like it’s fixed. I followed some of Dom’s tips on speeding up my computer and some how that fixed it.

Sorry, not sure how I missed this post until now. I fixed it without even talking :smiley: Those tips hit a wide range of problems. If you still have problems let me know and I can remote control your computer and take a look at it to see if I can find the problem.


It’s pretty wierd, but he can do it!!
I watched my PC go full auto for an hour, with Dominic at the helm this PM!

Thanks Dom if I notice anything else I will definitely pm you.


Throw away your PC and purchase a MAC and then use Home Inspector Pro for MAC. I dumped my PC January 1st and now only use my MAC. Life is much happier and easier now.

Glad to hear things are going so well with Home Inspector Pro on your mac :mrgreen: I’m hoping to have the beta version out for the mac guys tonight. I finally have all the reported issues with the windows beta resolved. Look forward to an email from me later!


Russ he did the same remote for me and it is kind of a strange feeling to be taking calls while your mouse pointer is flying all over the place.
I was having a problem with beta upload while trying to rush a report out , but Dom came right in and fixed it.
I doubt we could get that level of attention else where.