Need help with Computer Problem

Hey guys.
I’m currently having some trouble with my windows Vista.

My computer was running poorly, and I hadn’t rebooted it for a few days, so I did this after noon. Ever since, when I log in Windows (not “internet”) Explorer gives me an error message saying that it is having problems and it restarts. It just runs for a second or two and then restarts again. I’ve tried killing the process from the task manager, but as soon as the system detects that it’s not there, it re-starts it, and the process starts all over again.

Any ideas?

Have you tried turning it completely off for a few minutes and turning it back on?

Sounds like you need to go into safe mode.

I am sure the gurus will have something else in mind , but have you tried a system restore?

Oh yea… Several times. Even tried a system restore but not only was the oldest restore point since the problem started today, but it failed.

Mark, you may want to try starting it in “safe mode” when it restarts again. Once it is in safe mode, run a virus check. It may be some malware. Hopefully Dominic will be here soon and provide some other options.


I’d be surprised if it were a virus. Norton is pretty restrictive as it is. So is vista. I’m re-running a scan now to be sure, but it’s really acting more like a file was corrupted somewhere that is keeping Windows explorer from working properly. With the automatic update that both windows and norton push on you, you really don’t know when things on your computer have changed. Like I said, things weren’t running well (normal for windows), it had been a few days since a reboot (also normal for windows), so I did. Then this started cycling as soon as I logged back in. It really acts like an update of some sort occured, corrupting a file. Unfortunately the system restore failed.

Another solution may be the video driver updated itself. Try running in safe mode and uninstall or restore while in safe mode. may help.


video driver? Why would that corrupt windows explorer, and secondly if I were to try this, what would I be looking for to uninstall/re-install?

BTW. Norton finished. Nothing but a single tracking cookie found, and the recommendation was to ignore it. So no (known) virus.

Well, if it is restarting after “windows” opens, then it may be the video card driver. If it is rebooting while it is still in startup mode, then it is more likely a virus or even an issue with ram. I would go into safemode and see if it does it. If not, then I would start eliminating possibilities. Starting with the video driver first. Go to systems, then device manager, then video drivers. Perform an uninstall of the driver and restart the system normally. Then reinstall the video driver. make sure you have a driver to install.

are you running vista or xp?

Open Windows update and uninstall the most recent updates. I’ve had similar problems with Vista and that worked. Have you installed the new service pack 1 for Vista? I did and have had no problems since.

Ok, It is continuously restarting after getting into windows. So this makes sense. I have what may be a stupid question… where do I get a video driver to install after I uninstall it. (HP laptop.)

I’m begining to think it is software related also. Definately uninstall any latest updates. Should be able to do system restore in safe mode though.

I’ll give that a shot, and let you know how it goes. Thanks for the help.

Mark you need to use another pc and go to the HP website and download any drivers from thier site. Try the restor or what Christopher suggested first though.

Mark, Do you have an HP or Compaq computer by any chance?

Here you go…

I have an HP. I’m also seeing double. So, I’m going to have to try some more of these tomorrow. Maybe a fresh mind will help. Thanks guys, I’ll post an update tomorrow afternoon after trying some more of these suggestions. Thanks MUCH for your help and suggestions.

Hi Mark,

Sorry, been programming instead of looking at the board tonight.

First, if explorer.exe is throwing an error, it’s not the video card. One of the main windows files is more than likely corrupt. If you have the Vista CD stick it in, click on Start, in the box above type in and hit enter, sfc /scannow then hit enter. This will scan windows and replace any files with the originals. If you can , do this in safe mode. If you still have a problem tomorrow let me know and we’ll do a remote session and I’ll see if I can figure out what’s going on.


Go get em’ Dominic.

The remote sessions are awesome. I had one last week with a Dual View rep and I could literally watch my cursor move around (on my screen) while the tech played with my settings. What a great tool.