Help with age codes

Hey all,
I am looking for age of a Heil furnace


I have a few lists of age decoders form this forum but none are complete.

Anyone have a good complete list?

Thanks for the help!

Aaron, I am not sure you wrote this down correctly, it may be a NUGK080 from 1984



Thanks Gerry, You are probably right.:smiley:

This was the age range I was guessing. Now, what do you use as reference?

Hi Aaron,

I use Prestons guide, I am less than thrilled with it but there are few publications out there like it. Others are The Carrier Blue book and I believe the Carson Dunlop now do one as well.



NUGK080 is a model number that is known to have corrosion problems. Heil-Quaker was the manufacturer for brands sold under the Heil, Whirlpool, Dayton, and Sears names. NUGK080 was sold by Heil, Whirlpool, and Dayton. Call 1-800-237-5871. (Information and phone number from 2001).

True…I believe they were burner problems for serial number L9023 or lower.

Can anyone help me out with the age of HEIL Furnace; SN# L952572619.
Thank you…

1995, around June.

Thank you!

Can anyone help me, again! Need the age of Williamson - Thermoflo sn#024117011… appears newer… Thank you

I have no information but an educated guess would be the 41st week of 2002.

Thanx again Russel…

Dayton W0L4133653 and Dayton WMKM009614. Cannot find any info on the web.