Furnace TYPE and age

I looked at an old furnace in a cottage today. There was no Filter! Not even a spot to put one. Just a hole!
I can’t find the brand unless it is a HQCO NUGG100DF01???
Serial number was H70473441. 1970?
Can someone HELP me out? I did not test the unit as the gas was not on.

Sometimes the year is stamped on the gas valve. Other times the date can be stamped on the blower. If I had to guess this furnace could be from the 70’s. If in doubt I indicate to clients to query vendor as to age of furnace, just to be sure.

Also…if the gas was not on, I would strongly suggest that the furnace be serviced prior to closing of Title or Escrow by a licenced heating contractor.

Note the EnergyGuide sticker. I think it’s a bit newer than 1970’s


There’s got to be a name somewhere. The numbers you supplied do not help. We need a name.

This furnace is an absolute mess, with several issues.

Recommend HVAC tech to evaluate and estimate costs of repair to this unit.

I think it is a Heil. HQCO = HEIL / QUAKER CO. 100,000 btu of course.

I believe Paul is Correct.

I looked up Heil and the closet I can come to the number you supplied is…


Looks older than that…

What’s all that build-up throughout the unit?

I notice it has an energy guide sticker…that would be common for 90’s furnace…and I may be wrong…but don’t think you would find that on a 70’s model…? That may support the 1994 build date David provided.

It is clear that it needs further review by a licensed HVAC contractor.

Harold Miller


EnerGuide has been around for over 25 years

I told them i recommend having HVAC review but i also said, plan on a new one!
I told them there were many issues and i would not go into detail and just recommend review and NEW! ha
It was in a cottage so i am guessing it didn’t get much attention.
Thanks! You guys are great.

So the early 80’s? Seems about right. I usually pay little attention to them, until I have a hard time telling the age. Some show the date of the energy guide study, and this gives me a baseline to guessimate the age.