Help with Amp rating

I have run across a new one for me. Could find no labels or markings in the panel. Been exposed to the elements for a while. Home built in '48.
My question is about the bars that feed the legs. I can size wire for amp rating but have no idea about rating these. Can not see the service wires, appear to be behind the meter. The meter box looks to be a hundred but tht’s not much help. There are so many things wrong here I don’t want to miss the amps.
In case you can’t make it out, the breakers are, from top left down, 20, 60 and 60. from top right, couldn’t make out the first one even close up, 20, and 30.
Anybody familiar w/this panel. Thanks in advance guys.

Your amp size is rated at the lowest rated component such as meter can, meter loop, the feed wires between the can and the electrical panel, electrical panel, etc. If the meter loop wire is rated at least a 125 amps on the loop and the can is 100 amps than it is a 100 amps. If the meter loop wire is rated 60 amps with a 100 amp can than it is 60 amps.
It appears to me rating the size of this panel is the least of the problems. Looks like there is too much load on that small of a can. There is indeed need for a upgrade.

Thank you James, I realize how to judge the service, lowest common denominator simple answer, guess I misspoke in my haste to get this posted, I am actually concerned with the panel itself, if it was reconized and the actual amperage rating of it so I could put a name to it and call the panel. There are certainly many issues here, open grounds, hot and neutral terminated together, arcing terminations, burnt insulation, undersized panel, obvious Harry handyman work, cloth insulated/uninsulated wires in the dirt, spliced ground wire etc etc.
Guys are always asking for more info so I just threw it all in there.
I guess my question should have simply been, Anyone reconize this panel and if so do you know it’s amperage rating? Thanks again for your answer and your help.

From what I can see, and that’s not much, I might guess it’s 100 amp, but that’s a total guess. There’s plenty of other stuff wong there, however. Home-made and improper dead front on the meter panel, plumbing fittings used as a raceway, etc.

Square D breakers in it.

Best to be honest - can’t tell. With the other problems, a sparky is gonna have to do some work anyways.

That’s a very wise statement.