Inspecting a commercial building

I have an opportunity to do an inspection on a commercial property. I haven’t done a commercial inspection in a long time. What is the going rate for pricing a commercial inspection. The property is a small building that is about 12,000 square feet in Utah.


Vinson Inspection Services

You might want to get the proper Commercial Inspection Training before pricing.
Also go in the control panel and add your location.

Go here; and get the right training for Commercial.

Mark, if you listen to a lot of advice on this site, you will end up pricing yourself out of contention for the commercial inspection. A 12k sq ft building is small, easy to inspect and report on. You should charge according to what you want per hour and how long you think it will take to complete. As an example, I would have a complete PCA report on a building of that size in five hours. I charge accordingly. I do a lot of commercial inspections because I charge fairly and provide a solid report.

Hi Martin, where did you get your training for commercial inspections? NACBI?



Carson Dunlop in Toronto.

One of the FIRST Buildings that I inspected after opening my inspection business in March was a 4,000SF building built around 1920. It had rodents peaking at me from the roof cornice, old knob and tube wiring, asbestos steam ducts, a ceiling and roof structure that had significant structural issues and I only charged $275 which is my internet special. Nothing like learning on the job!

So what did you learn? In hindsight, what would your fee be today for that same structure?

If I had a commercial building, and needed an inspection, I wouldn’t entrust it to someone for $275. My experience is that you get what you pay for.

It all depends on the structure.
Warehouse ? Open areas ? Office areas ? Square footage?..ect…ect…
I have to see the structure before I tell them the fee.

I feel that my $275 inspection was worth about $500 and crawling around in the attic of a 100-year old African American church building was worth the discount just to hang out with the ghosts.