Help with determinging a fee

I have been asked to inspect an 8 unit 7500q ft apt. building and have NO idea how to come up with a fair price- 16 beds, 8 kitchens, no pool. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

$100 per door. I also charge twice the cost of a regular inspection for the roof,common areas and mechauncal room. Add it all up and that is the cost.

Eight unit is a commercial inspection (over 4 units). Ask the client what they need as far as standards / scope / report form.

I try to create one report for all units… depending on what the client is looking for.

As kind of a middle ground… I would think a base fee per building and 150-200 per unit would be bare minimum stuff in California. Once again, it depends on what your buyer wants… ask them what they are looking for and you’ll have a better chance at providing an excellent service.

A single building of 7500sf… all units inspected… could easily be in ballpark of $1500 to 1800 for a detailed inspection of units.

They may want a Roof Certification… Cost estimates for items over a dollar amount (opinions vary) and so on…

I would be sitting at about 1800. That does not include any out of regular scope inspections.

Tim is on the right track. My fee would be from $0.20 to $0.25 per square ft (which includes one unit), plus $100 to $125 each additional unit. I also charge $150 each for additional structures such as the garage(s), laundry areas, etc.

Base fee for one building with eight units (for me) would be $2,200.

I have tryed over and over to get that kind of money but I have an idiot in town that low balls the crap out of everyone and keeps are prices lower. He would charge about a 1000.00 to do it. When there are only four guys in the area he’s a real pain in the a**