Help with Electrical Meter Information?


What do the letters “CL” mean where they appear on the face of an electric meter?

My understanding is the CL designation stands for the “Class” of the meter, which is the maximum ampere rating (e.g. CL 200 is a meter with a 200A maximum rating).

Thanks Bob, Will Decker asked if we knew what CL meant here at the seminar, and I am on line here in Chicago at their Electrical Seminar, so I posted the question.

PS: Over 55 people here and the seminar is going just fine!

Looking at “Defects” seems to be the most interesting, and everyone is having fun.

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Hi to all,

I could stand to be corrected, but I thought it was the maximum continuous load rating.



I sent a message to themeterguy asking about the information found on a meter. They sell a book about watt hour meters too.