CL200 Meter with 2x 200 amp panels

I havent encountered this before. This meter went to 2 panels, each with 200 amp main breakers and appropriate gauge service for 200 amp. But I have always been under the impression the continuous load 200 rating meant it could only support 200. Is there an issue here?

Looks like it’s only a 200 amp meter pan so that would be the maximum permitted calculated load. Even though the two panels have a total of 400 amps worth of main overcurrent protection it still would be code compliant if the calculated load is 200 amps or less. As dumb as that sounds it would comply with 230.90(A)Ex#3.

230.90(A)Exception No. 3: Two to six circuit breakers or sets of fuses shall be
permitted as the overcurrent device to provide the overload protection.
The sum of the ratings of the circuit breakers or fuses shall be permitted
to exceed the ampacity of the service conductors, provided the calculated
load does not exceed the ampacity of the service conductors.

No disconnect grouping? What’s in the panel below the meter?

Not sure. That is not an accessible part for me.

Ironically, each panel was less than half full so I am unsure why they went about it this way. Sounds like no defect to mention. Thanks for the information!

That is just a riser for the underground service conductors.

So where is the grouping of the disconnects?

I would guess right inside where those two SE cables enter.

Correct. The two panels are in the basement just on the other side of the meter. Both were wired as mains.