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Hello, This is my first posting. I really enjoy the forum and all the info. I’m a carpenter changing careers to HI and am looking for more info. on panels. I saw some tip sheets on water heaters, etc. Is anyone intersted in an electrical / panel tip sheet. I.E. definitions, what a correct panel looks like. Commom mistakes to look for. Panel brands to look out for. A clear concise labeling of a panel, an expansion on all the abbreviations you all take for granted. Something to be referenced in the field for a beginner. Or any links people know of. Many of the photos are unclear to a newbie. Thanks,

Todd Wright

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Start out with some basic HI books, and HI references like CodeCheck. Also get some basic training, which should include a class on basic electrical inspection, and consider initially working with someone or at least doing some "ride alongs".

There is no simple solution, and even those with good construction backgrounds or specialists in a particular field (including some engineers ... lol) still generally need some training because it's an adjustment to being a "generalist" who knows the basics about all the various components and systems associated with a home.

The NACHI site and this board are also an excellent source of information ... ... good luck.

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Todd look under Misc. Discussion, Free online H.I. electrical course. There starting to talk about the very thing you want and need. But you really need to join to get to some of the best parts and info of this org.

Good Luck.