Help with identifying pipe ??

Hi, I live in Utah and did an inspection on a 1926 home today. I have never seen one of these and I was hoping for some input on determining what this pipe is. It has a shut off valve and the house has a new gas meter installed. Would this be an abandoned gas line, oil tank, ect… Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks

Shirli Place 041808 055-400.jpg

Tough questions tonite.Either Gas or Oil as you said.
Could be from an old oil tank.
Looks like it is open ended outside and can"t see the shutoff.
Was there any of it inside?

Where is the water main???

I looked and didn’t see anything. It has a newly finished basement so I assumed that they covered it up. I wasn’t able to tell if there was an abandoned oil tank so do you would I be ok to assume that its an old gas service pipe??

The main water service entrance is on the opposite side of the house and it should be underground right?

That would be a very dangerous assumption to make, I would tell the buyers to request further information from the sellers especially over the issue of underground oil tanks.