Disconnected Gas meter or something else?

1946 house, WA state. This pipe was in the backyard near the corner of the house:

The unusual location and size throw me off. I didn’t measure the diameter, but it’s probably 2 inch OD at the ground.

It doesn’t look like any oil tank fill I’ve seen, and I didn’t find other evidence (pinched-off copper lines, vent pipe) of an oil tank.

Then, this obviously disconnected gas line was on the other side of the house:

So, is it just an older, disconnected gas line or could it be something else?

It’s a galv steel pipe, it could be anything, including gas. No way to know for certain without tracing it. Either have it traced or talk to the seller. Many will guess and tell you, ya it’s this… ya okay :slight_smile:

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I agree with Simon.